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Inkubator: Where Ideas Grow

Inkubator is a Digital Creative Studio.

We innovate in the space where art, technology and change making converge to create digital products, solutions and experiences for the organisations and communities we work with.

We are creators of interactive, content rich experiences that find, activate and retain new audiences


We specialise in the conceptualisation, design and delivery of digital products and solutions.

Through our experience of working on complex projects we have committed to a systemic approach to project development that values a collaborative, iterative and inclusive design process.

We build value adding processes into project design to create capacity building outcomes for our clients, their partner organisations and audience.

Digital Products & Enterprise Solutions

Websites, applications, interactive installations and cross platform experiences.

Responsive Design with a focus on Accessibility for all.

Content Creation

We are specialists in the creation of beautiful, captivating content designed to engage the target audience.

High quality story driven film productions, interactive multi media educational content, and culturally secure training resources – we love the power and beauty of stories and images, and the exploration of human universality through these mediums.

Strategic Communications Consulting

Brand Identity and Strategic Communications Consulting services to ensure an organisation’s essence is authentically expressed through it’s visual identity and brand narrative.

Research, understanding and integration of the ecosystem of the Client’s Organisation or Business.

Consultation and collaboration with internal staff, specialists, stakeholders and clients.


The application of creative thinking and available or emergent digital technology to create innovative products and solutions that express our client’s unique vision and invite measurable consumer engagement.

Ideas Actioned = Change


stARTSPEAK App Development
Flood Digital Experience Augmented Theatre Experience
Dampier Gallery Interactive Installation
Frog Schools Kit Digital Educational Resource
PFF Website and Film
Eating the Archives Online Exhibition and Video Content
Straight Shootin' TV Series Multiplatform Strategy


Inkubator is powered by a team of passionate, multi disciplinary creatives who are inspired by the power and potential of digital technology to be an integral part of creating change in our daily lives, work environments and communities.

We are a team of professionals with over 15 years experience in our respective fields, covering the business spectrum from Non Profit Organisations, Educational Institutions and Government Departments through to Corporate Business.


If you have a project you would like to discuss, please get in contact with us.

+61 (0) 9227 7006
12 Lindsay Street, Northbridge WA 6003

New Business Enquiries

Danielle Giles, Managing Director
+61 (0) 407 427 772