Dampier Gallery Interactive Display

Dampier Gallery Interactive Display

Multi touch point gallery experience developed in collaboration with the WA Museum Learning & Creativity Department and Aquatic Zoology Department.

The goal of the project was to inject new life into a stagnant gallery and to test the introduction of digital interactive components.

Inkubator collaborated with the WAM team from inception in the development of the project concept, through to delivery of a multi touch table that contains information on the Marine life of the Dampier Archipelago presented through creative multi media content.

The Inkubator team created a section of reef that was populated with 3D generated models (developed from life models) that enabled us to caricature and animate the marine life to engage the target audience (children) using the visual and content style they resonate with. The table enables groups of children to participate at any one point, importantly directing their own learning in addition to facilitating collaboration and sharing.

Audience evaluation research showed that visitor dwell time in the gallery increased by 300% and 74% of visitors reported that their experience had been enhanced by the digital components.